How To Make Short Video Using Ai 2023

How to make AI short videos like reels

How to make AI short videos like reels

How to make AI short videos like reels

Ground-breaking changes have taken place in the field of AI or Artificial Intelligence. Since 2022, AI has made video creation easy for everyone.


Whether you want to make marketing videos, or YouTube videos for your channels. Even training videos for different trainings online. You can make videos without having prior knowledge of how to do those or even expensive equipment. 



AI usually uses algorithms analyzing various data inputs such as your texts, images, and audio to generate and produce video output. 

Without the need for extensive Human Input, the AI-generated videos are quicker to produce and are even cost effective Plus they have customizable templates and AI has the ability to create a consistent brand experience. 



These are the steps that you would need to take in order to make the right video for yourself! Just read and go with the flow: 

1.     Identify Video type 

Choosing the video type you want to create gives you a clear understanding and guides you for your video choices. For example Explainer video, product demo, tutorial, etc

2.                 Choose AI Tool

With numerous AI Video generator tools available such as Synesthesia, Lumen5, and Vidyard you will need to do the research and see which one suits you and your kind of work.

3.                 Resources

Gather the necessary resources that you require for the video that you want to create. You might need to create or gather the text, images, and or audio plus anything that you might think would need in the video

4.                 Input these resources

Once you have gathered the resources and chosen your AI tool, go ahead and feed these to the AI tool and let it do its magic! At first, the AI tool will generate a video template, and don’t worry because it isn’t entirely random BUT…

5.                 Preview the video

Well continuing the last sentence from Point 4, But you will still need to preview and edit the video in order to make it right according to your ideology. Edit the video and refine the final product! 

6.                 Share your video

Well once you have completed your video and are satisfied with the final product you can export the video out of the AI tool into your desired format. Then you can go ahead and share that video to Social Media, website, or other channels as per your desire.



I have a few pointers for you in this paragraph to help you generate a great video using the AI tool

Firstly, make sure your video is short and precise. Since people have a short attention span a short and precise video will keep them engaged


Secondly, use clear and engaging visuals. This is important since to keep your audience engaged you will need to have a visually engaging video. 


Thirdly use appropriate sounds, music, and effective scripts. Good background music and an effective script is something that keeps your audience from disengaging


Lastly, add subtitles! That would make it easy for the audience to stay in line with what is being said in the video and this improves your SEO as well



Ever since AI has taken over everything that we do, it has made everything become simpler and easier. With the help of AI tools, people generate content that sounds great and looks visually pleasing Plus it is cost-effective and does the job quicker. I believe AI will replace many people in their jobs, but people who can learn and do things using AI will be far more successful hence we should utilize these tools to our advantage. 

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