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Trending Gigs On Fiverr

After the release of Fiverr Marketplace in 2010 it readily increases its users and now it has more than 50 million viewers on a monthly basis. A lot of freelancers make their carrier a full-time job on Fiverr and start making millions of dollars by selling their services. Due to this Fiverr is saturated and it is now very tricky for beginners to get orders on Fiverr.


In this article, I have short-listed the 13 trending gigs on Fiverr which you can learn and start making money on Fiverr. The following are the trending services on Fiverr that should you have to learn to make more money but you need to rank your gig by making SEO optimized Fiverr profile and Gig.


Trending Gigs On Fiverr:

If you are a freelancer and you want to work and make money don’t think that Fiverr is not for beginners. We have created this Fiverr trending gig and numbered them according to our searches on which you can create gigs and make money. The data provided below is not given by Fiverr Officially.

Let's start.

1. Graphics Design:

This is the number one Fiverr gig with a high rate of success with multiple subcategories. It stands number one in our trending gigs on the Fiverr list. Some of the categories are given below.

  • Logo design
  • Gaming Art
  • Art & Illustration
  • Fashion
13 Trending Gigs On Fiverr | Fiverr

If you are a good Graphics designer then you can make money on this Fiverr trending service in 2023.

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2. Resume:

A resume is also a trending service on Fiverr in 2023. We know the world is going to words artificial intelligence and due to some more reasons many peoples are going to be unemployed most peoples are jobless so they required a resume to shoe to other companies to get a job. You can use online platforms or templates to design resumes for your client. You can help people by selling this trending gig on Fiverr for seeking jobs.

If you don’t know how to make a resume then you can learn from here.


3. Video Animation:

Again this is also a trending service on Fiverr in 2023. This is also the most profitable niche in which you can create gigs and earn money. If you are a good editor and professional in adobe premier pro or after effects then you can earn thousands of dollars. You can also sell 2D and 3D animations to make good money. Following are some video and amination services you can offer.

  • Video editing
  • Slide show
  • Gifs
  • Whiteboard animations
  • Social media video
  • Youtube


13 Trending Gigs On Fiverr | Fiverr

4. Content writer:

The number one company Google also runs on content writing. Without any content, no company can run. If you are a good content maker or writer you can sell these trending services on Fiverr to make money. It is a highly demanding skill.


5. Social media Manager:

In this fast world, everyone has a social media account. Multimillion companies also have social media accounts so you can offer them social media manager services on Fiverr. This Is also high demanding Fiverr Gig which profitable niche. This is also a trending niche on Fiverr.

You can learn social media marketing from the following course.


Trending Gigs On Fiverr | Fiverr

6. SEO:

SEO stands for search engine optimization and this is the best-trending gig on Fiverr. Without this, a new business cant is run. If you are a blogger you need to do SEO on your website. If you are a freelancer you are required to make SEO-optimized gigs. So you can learn this skill from the following course. You can earn up to $100K yearly.

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7. Website building:

Website Building is the most demanding and trending gig in 2023. In this modern era, every business is converted online so everyone needs it website to run a business. Most businesses are only website based. If you are a website builder you can earn nice money. It is also the highest-paid gig on the Fiverr marketplace but not only on Fiverr it is also trending on other freelancing marketplaces.


13 Trending Gigs On Fiverr
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8. Canava Designer:

Canva is the platform that gain 300 million plus viewers and users last year. We can offer graphics designer services using canvas. com. You can make thumbnails, videos, logos, and banners within a few minutes and sell them on Fiverr. It is also trending on Fiverr. Due to the modern era, the demands of the designer are high and it is difficult for a business to get a good designer who can use canvas and earn money.


9. Digital Marketing:

According to my freelancing experience, digital marketing is the best gig to make money on Fiverr. You can earn thousands of dollars by only selling 1 service long-term to Fiverr clients. Business like e-commerce depends on digital marketing. You can learn digital marketing and make money by selling these trending services on Fiverr in 2023. You have to search target audience related to your product.


10. Game developer:

The game development industry is trending in the world so we can say this is also a profitable and trending niche in 2023. It is not easy to work as a game developer on Fiverr. You should have a good sample you can show your client. But you can earn millions of dollars each game.


11. Virtual Assistnt:

Now there are more categories in virtual assistants so you can become a freelancer and sell Amazon services and many more. You can earn good price orders on Fiverr. This gig will also saturate in a few years due to the high demand for assistance. Companies don’t require physical assistance so they will hire freelancers.


12. WordPress:

WordPress is another fast-growing skill in the freelancing marketplace. 50 percent plus websites are on WordPress because it is easy to use. You can learn WordPress from the following course or you can also learn it from youtube. This is a trending Fiverr gig because most businesses are shifted online so everyone needs a website to run their online business. You can also fix bugs and issues in WordPress and make money online on Fiverr in 2023.


13. Ads Manager:

You can run your customer Ads on social media to get an audience. It Is also trending in 2023. It doesn’t require any professional skills. You can also make this gig on Fiverr.


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