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9 Secret Ways To Get Clients On Fiverr In 2023

how to get clients on fiverr

Are you looking that how to get clients on Fiverr as a beginner? Don’t worry I am here to help you out and I hope after reading this blog you will get clients on Fiverr in 2023. As we know it is difficult for a new seller on Fiverr to get the first order on Fiverr because new sellers don’t know how to find work on Fiverr. Here I will share the 9 best secrets by which you will get clients on Fiverr.


We know it is very tricky for a seller to get clients on Fiverr but this doesn’t mean you give up. If you follow my tips and tricks then I guarantee that you will get results and get work on Fiverr. Please keep in mind that success cant get overnight so it will take some time for you to get the first client on Fiverr.


Following are the steps to find clients on Fiverr:

These are the 9 steps we have to do to get customers on Fiverr.


Create a Professional Fiverr profile:

As I told you in my previous blogs the first impression is the last impression so a professional profile and complete profile can make a good impact on clients to place orders without any question. You have to complete your full profile and make it professional by adding a professional profile picture and setting a unique username. It is better and recommended to set your own name as a user name here is the example of Shahida_5 a video editor on Fiverr. You can hire her for video editing jobs and get discounts.


Note: You can create Fiverr account step by step in 2023.


how to get clients on fiverr



Find clients by blogging:

Blogging is the best way you can promote your gig and get clients on Fiverr. The best example I showed you above of shahida_5 video editor. You can write the best articles related to your gigs and promote them to get clients on Fiverr.


Note: You can hire a blog writer to write SEO-friendly blogs.


Gig SEO:

Gig SEO can lead to a maximum number of clients on Fiverr. You have to select the perfect title, tags, and description for your gig. You can read my blog on how to create a gig step by step. Gig description is the second target of the client so write SEO-friendly gig description. Add proper tags and words in the gig description. Write complete detail of your services in the description. Gig SEO includes the following things

·       Title

·       Tags

·       description

how to get clients on fiverr


Promote gig on social media:

Promoting gigs on social media can lead to a maximum number of clients on Fiverr. You can also check the best 11 proven ways to promote Fiverr gigs to get clients on Fiverr. You can make professional social media accounts and share your gig links in your profile bios. Do daily posting and join famous groups related to Fiverr for daily updates to get clients on Fiverr. You can create profiles on these social media platforms

·       Quora: answers the questions and gets traffic

·       Facebook

·       Linkedin

·       Prienterst



Providing low computation services:

The biggest mistake the new seller made on Fiverr is to not select services that have low competition. You have to select low-competition titles and unique services to increase the number of chances to get clients on Fiverr. So now how you can find low-competition keywords on Fiverr to find clients? Here is an example.

First, you have to select any keyword for example, “I will do professional video editing within 24 hours”. This title has great competition so the beginner will not get the order. Instead of this title, you can go Into a micro niche for example “ I will compress video” this is a micro Niche related to video editing and it will increase to get clients on Fiverr. You can also check the Fiverr gig competition with the number of gigs in that niche. Check the image for more clarification.


Note: You can check the 10 micro niches on Fiverr here to get buyers on Fiverr.

how to get clients on fiverr
video editing keyword 


how to get clients on fiverr
compress video keyword

Set low prices:

If you are a beginner on Fiverr and wondering to get clients on Fiverr then you have to set low prices on your gig which will be attractive. Set all 3 packages and provide maximum benefits to your clients. Provide a maximum number of revisions and some extra things free of cost. We know that low prices with quality things attract everyone so you have to play this game on Fiverr to find clients on Fiverr in 2023.


how to get clients on fiverr

Note: Don’t take orders at low prices if the work is difficult. Make your value and don’t devalue yourself.


Fiverr samples (Gallery):

The third most important thing is your samples. Please add quality samples and add videos in your gig gallery with good thumbnails. Video will increase the chances to get clients and to get orders on Fiverr.  Please describe all things in a thumbnail and in the video so clients can understand you and be willing to work with you so in this way you will get clients on Fiverr.


how to get clients on fiverr

Note: You can hire a video editor & thumbnail designer on Fiverr to make samples gig for you on a low budget.


Gig Description:

This is also the main segment in which you have to describe your gig and offer your client to get work on Fiverr. Please add similar keywords which you have used in the gig titles and tags so it will rank your Fiverr gig to get customers on Fiverr. Personally, I got a bundle of orders just by having a good gig description because I noticed that some of my clients question me related to my Fiverr gig description. It means that a good Fiverr gig description can lead you to get customers on Fiverr.

how to get clients on fiverr

Note: Don’t copy others' gigs you can use Chat GPT for gig descriptions and before using it, modify it.


Active 24/7:

Fiverr personally told us that Fiverr Algrothem promotes sellers who keep their accounts active 24/7. You can follow the following video to keep your account active.

how to get clients on fiverr

·       Keep the screen on

·       Touch screen lock

·       Auto open app


Answer all inquiries:

Add Faqs while creating a gig so if there is any question then the client can understand it. Add maximum faqs in your gig related to your gig.



How to promote my profile on Fiverr?

You can promote your Fiverr profile on the following platforms

·       Blogging

·       Social meda platfrorms

·       Google Ads


Is Fiverr good for new sellers?

Yes, it is good for everyone but you have to do competition with old sellers and by doing regular work you will get clients on fiver.


How can I join Fiverr with no experience?

You can read our blog “ what is freelancing”


Thanks for reading this blog and if you have a question please leave your question in the comment box or you can contact me directly on my Instagram @iamahsan116. I will try to respond to you as soon as possible.



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