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How To Keep Fiverr Account Online 24/7 | Fiverr


How To Stay Online On Fiverr

How To Stay Online On Fiverr

In this blog, I will tell you in detail how to stay online on Fiverr. As we know that Fiverr is the number one marketplace where millions of people are selling and buying services and thousand of Freelancers make money making Fiverr their carrier and a full-time job so it becomes difficult for beginners to get orders on Fiverr. But don’t worry if you are a beginner and want to make money on Fiverr I am here to help you.

In this blog, I will share tips and tricks to stay online on Fiverr from mobile and to stay online on Fiverr 24/7 from the computer. I will also share my personal experience in this blog which will also help you to get clients on Fiverr.

You can add a chrome extension name as Easy auto refresh and set 5 minutes time to auto-refresh your Fiverr webpage. Please keep this in mind this will dangerous for you if you set less than 5 minutes.

How To Stay Online On Fiverr

There are two ways to always stay online on Fiverr.

·        To stay online on the Fiverr app

·        To stay online on the Fiverr website


If we keep our Fiverr account active 24/7 then Fiverr Algrothims automatically promotes Fiverr gigs and then we get clients on Fiverr. After the new update of Fiverr, Fiverr removed the buyer Request option from the Fiverr app so it becomes tricky for beginners to get clients and orders on Fiverr. We have only left 2 technique to get orders on Fiverr which includes

·        Stay online on Fiverr 24/7

·        SEO of Gigs

Here I will explain only 1st technique and if you want to do the Best SEO you can visit here.


How to stay online on Fiverr from mobile:

Now I will share how you can keep your Fiverr account active using your mobile phone. Please keep in mind that we have to follow Fiverr TOS to keep our Fiverr account Safe. I will use 3 Mobile Apps to keep my account active and you don’t need to keep refreshing again and again on the Fiverr app. These are the 3 mobile apps that we will use.

·        Open App Scheduler

·        Keep screen On

·        Touch Lock -Screen Lock


Stay online on Fiverr using the Open App schedule:

This app is available on the Play store and IOS. You can download these apps on your android and iPhone. I recommend using this app only in Andriod. After installing this app you have to allow all permission that is required.


How To Stay Online On Fiverr

You can select any three apps which you want to auto-open in a given time interval. If you want more than 3 apps then you have to buy the premium package but don’t worry we will do it free of cost because we don’t need 4 apps.


How To Stay Online On Fiverr

You can select an app from the plus button given on the top.  After selecting it will show you the scheduling option. You have to select the time interval for the Fiverr app. Check the box REPEAT TASK EVERY and then select minutes from the blow options. Now, this app will keep opening your Fiverr app in the given time you add.


For example, if you add 5 minutes then it will open your Fiverr app after every 5 minutes.


Note: Don’t put less than 4 minutes.


Stay online on Fiverr 24/7:

Now it's time to add 2nd app in the open app scheduled to open it automatically which helps us to always stay online on Fiverr. Now select the app with the same procedure the app name “Open App Scheduler”. don’t confuse here because we are adding this app to keep this app automatically open at a given time interval because it will not freeze your time if it keeps opening itself in a given time.

Note: You can select 4+ minutes for this app.


Now it is time to add the last app which will help us to stay online on the Fiverr app. This is not necessary to add to the open app schedule because its function is just for those who don’t want to use mobile at the same time. I recommend you add this app it will help you a lot and keep your Fiverr account safe from others.


Keep Fiverr online on mobile 24/7:

This is the last step, here we will add the last app called Touch lock lite.

Working: It keeps your mobile screen locked and nobody will open it until you press your screen 3 times at the specific place given by the app. If you are sleeping and your hand touches your mobile screen then it will not work so it will keep you safe from useless touching of your hands and if you want to use your mobile then you will press your screen trice at the given position and it will unlock your screen.


How To Stay Online On Fiverr

You can also watch the below video to stay online on Fiverr



Now after doing all the above procedures, your Fiverr app will keep refreshing your app and it will keep your Fiverr account active 24/7 using your mobile phone.


Lastly, you have to download the app name and keep the screen on. This app will keep your mobile phone screen on until you want to keep it on. This is an important app you must have to download otherwise the above procedure will not work because when your mobile screen turns off the whole process will stop and it will make an issue for you.


How To Stay Online On Fiverr

You can also go to mobile settings and set your mobile screen timing to unlimited or Never Off if you don’t want to download keep the screen on.

To save your mobile battery you have to lower your mobile brightness so it will save your mobile battery and your mobile take a lot of time to power off. You will follow this procedure every day to stay online on Fiverr 24/7.

If you have a question you can leave your message in the comment box and if you need to talk directly with me please contact me on my Instagram/ Facebook/ Youtube/ Tiktok @iamahsan116. I will try my best to respond to you as soon as possible.



What is the Best time to stay online on Fiverr?

According to my experience if you are a beginner you have to stay online on Fiverr 24/7 but I will also share with you the best time if you live in Pakistan or in India. The best time is 12 AM to 7 AM.


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Is the above procedure safe?

Yes, I am using this technique for the last 3 years. Please don’t select less than 4 minutes for Fiverr. 

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