How to promote your gig on fiverr - 9 steps to permote Fiverr gig

How to promote your gig on fiverr

Everyone wants a Fiverr gig on the first page so this can only be done by getting a bundle of orders. you are here to know how to get orders on Fiverr? Yes, so you are the best place where I will share my freelancing experience with you to get orders on Fiverr by promoting your gigs. Here I will share the top best free and paid methods to promote gigs on Fiverr to get bundles of orders.


Most beginners don’t know how to promote Fiverr gigs correctly so they can't get orders and sometimes they lost their Fiverr accounts. Permitting the gig in the best way is instrumental to making money on the Fiverr platform.


In this article, you will learn the tips and tricks and a mixture of my freelancing experience to get good orders on Fiverr. Following are the 9 best steps you can promote your gig on Fiverr. Please keep your Fiverr account 24/7 online otherwise you will not get satisfactory results.


How to promote your gig on Fiverr:

There are many ways to promote a Fiverr gig but the most important first step to promote your Fiverr gig is that to create Fiverr gig step by step professionally. Create your Fiverr gig SEO friendly.


Promote Fiverr by perfect gig optimization:

This is the first step you can do to promote your gig on Fiverr. You have to make your Fiverr profile professionally. Add gig description, title, tags, and categories correctly so your gig can appear in Fiverr search. You can read my complete blog on how to make a Fiverr profile step by step. By adding these details correctly your gig will appear in search so it will be easy for clients to reach you.

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Promote Fiverr gigs by sharing on social media:

This is the second step you can follow to promote a gig on Fiverr and it is free of cost. You have to promote your Fiverr gig by sharing your gig links to social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. please keep this in mind just share your link with the target audience who have an interest in your relative skill or niche.

Tips: you can join Fiverr groups on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc


Promote Fiverr gig by Fiverr promoting tool:

Sellers up to top level 1 can use Fiverr promoting tool to promote Fiverr gigs, and you can promote Fiverr gigs up top 3. New sellers can't use this promotion tool to promote gigs on Fiverr.


At the start Fiverr will give you a 10$ gift to promote Fiverr gig and after that, they will charge a maximum of 3$ per click on the gig. This is how you can promote your Fiverr gig by the paid method.


How to promote your gig on fiverr

This is my favorite tool because I used this promoting tool and made thousands of dollars on Fiverr in a short period of time.


Tips: please use this tab to get more clicks “ Promote with not Cap”


How to promote your gig on fiverr

Promote Fiverr gigs by offering quality work:

You can promote your gig by offering the best quality work to clients. We can't do a promotion if we are not delivering good work. We have to get 5 stars ratings on our profile to make our Fiverr profile look great. When someone visits your profile, reviews are the first impression. Fiverr will automatically put your gig on the first page.


How to promote your gig on fiverr

Promote Fiverr gig through social media Ads:

You can use social media Ads to promote gg on Fiverr. You can also promote your gig on google by using google AdWords. You can use Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn “boost post” tab to promote gigs to get orders. It Is paid method but you will get good results. Please keep in mind that you can promote your Fiverr profile directly on social media. You have to follow Fiverr TOS.


How to promote your gig on fiverr

Promote Fiverr gig on Quora:

Quora is the best and most free method to promote gigs on Fiverr. First, make a professional account on quora and set the same username on it. Then answer the related questions and left your link in the answer tab, or comment on the post and left your links. You will get good results and thousands of orders.


Promote Fiverr gigs by doing a blog:

You can promote your gig on Fiverr in 2023 by blogging. Millions of traffic will visit your blog and redirect to your profile. You have to make proper articles and left your gig links there.


Promote Fiverr gig using Printers:

Pinterest is a platform having millions of traffic. You can do daily posting related to your skills and you can drive traffic to your Fiverr gig. This is the best free method to promote the Fiverr gig in 2023.


Promote Fiverr gig on youtube:

Youtube is the second top search engine with billions of visitors where peoples get solutions to their problems. You can find a YouTuber related to your niche and pay them to add your link in the description and say some lines so people can hire you.

For example:

If you need a video editor you can hire Shahida, she will provide quality work on a good budget with 24/7 support.


After reading this blog if you have questions you can ask them in the comment section or contact me personally on my Instagram @iamahsan116.



Can we promote the gig on Fiverr for free?

Yes, you can promote Fiverr gigs for free but you can also promote gigs on Fiverr in 2023 with paid Ads.


How do I get clients on Fiverr?

You can get clients on Fiverr by promoting your gig and delivering quality work.


How do I promote the gig on the first page?

You can follow the 9 steps to promote the gig on the first page

1.     Gig optimization

2.     Social media sharing

3.     Paid ads

4.     Quora

5.     Pinterets

6.     Youtube

7.     Blog writing

8.     Deliver quality work

9.     Fiverr permoting tool


Are promoting gigs worth it?

Yes, this is a little investment but you will get the best results. You will only pay when someone clicks on the Ads.


I hope you have got all that how to promote Fiverr gig using free and paid methods in 2023. Thanks for reading. Will come back with more quality information.



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