How to make Fiverr gig step by step in 2023

How to make Fiverr gig step by step in 2023

Fiverr is a platform where a beginner can also make not only thousands of dollars but Millions of dollars by selling their services. I hope you are here to do a Fiverr gig and want to sell your skills in the world to make money online. Before we continue to create gigs on Fiverr you should follow my steps on how to create a Fiverr selling profile step by step.


I will also share my freelancing 5 years of experience with you will give you some tips and mention some hidden secrets at the end. If there is any question please let us know and subscribe and comment and provide your feedback it will help me to make more content for you.


So following are the 6 steps to create a professional gig on Fiverr

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How to make Fiverr gig step by step in 2023:

To start a gig on Fiverr first complete your profile and then switch it to selling. On the top, there is a tab “My business”. click on it and scroll it. There will subcategory called Gigs. Click on the gig title. After clicking on the gigs tab you will see a new page in the form of you.

Note: We can only create a gig on the desktop with the seller profile.

On the right top side, there will be a tab called “ Create New Gig”. Please click on it and you will get a new page. Now we will start creating gigs on Fiverr in 2023.


Step 1:

Fiverr gig overview: As I told you in my previous blog the first impression is the last impression so this first step to creating a gig on Fiverr is the most important step. Please follow all the information while making a gig on Fiverr.


Fiverr gig title: make your Fiverr gig title short, simple, to the point, and clear. It will be visible to your clients and visitors. For example, if you are selling video editing services then also mention your skill in the Fiverr gig title. It will help clients to understand and place orders without any doubt.

“I will do professional video editing in 24 hours”

How to make Fiverr gig step by step in 2023

Fiverr gig category: Now you have to select the correct category related to your skill. After that, you also have to select a subcategory for your gig. For example, if you are selling video editing services then you have to select video and animation as a category and video editing as a subcategory. Fiverr will also recommend the best match category and subcategory related to your skill.

Note: After publishing, you will not be able to change categories. And also if you will change the title then your URL will not change so please fill in this information correctly.

You can also view others' profiles for help. Don’t copy and paste any details from others' profiles.


Fiverr gig metadata: This is a new update of Fiverr. Now you have to select the type of your skill or gig. For example, we create gigs for professional video editors so I will choose YouTube video editing. If you also want to select other types then you have to create more gigs.

Note: You can select only one type per gig. Some gigs offer more than one types


How to make Fiverr gig step by step in 2023

Fiverr gig placement: This tab is only available for business freelancers not for common freelancers. If you want to learn about this please go to our website home page.


Note: 9 Secret Ways To Get Clients On Fiverr In 2023

Fiverr gig tags: Title and tags play the most important role in a promotion or coming in Fiverr search results. Now we have to add tags related to our gig.

Note: We can only add the 5 best tags that best describe our gig.

Secret: Please also add some words from the title as a tag.

At the end of the first step please click on save and continue.


How to make Fiverr gig step by step in 2023

Step 2:

Fiverr scope and pricing: Fiverr allows us to make packages and also gives us to make 3 types of packages. We can create any 3 names for our packages. This tab will appear on the client's page while hiring your gig.

Note: Make your packages clear and understandable. Select your price reasonably.

Make your packages names  For example basic, standard, and premium packages. And then describe your services within 100 characters.

Now select the delivery time for your services and then select how many revisions you can offer. This is the most important by which your gig will attract the client.

Select the price for your services which starts from 5$.


How to make Fiverr gig step by step in 2023

After the update of Fiverr, Fiverr brings more interesting and profitable things for sellers. You can also sell Shutterstock material in your gigs.

After completing all the above tabs, now you can select extra and fast services for your gig and make more money from your client.

For example, if you offered 2 days of services for 50$ and your client wants all work done in 1 day then you can ask for extra charges.  You can also charge extra for the order process.

Note: You can also charge extra for your material like extra revision, extra editing, etc.


How to make Fiverr gig step by step in 2023

Step 3:

Fiverr gig description: This is one of the most important steps in creating a Fiverr gig in 2023. Most of the clients review your gig description before placing an order according to my experience. So make it brief and explain and mention your experience and all skills which will attract your client. You can write 1200 characters.

Following is a sample of one of my gig descriptions. Don’t copy it 100%, edit it according to your profile or skill.


How to make Fiverr gig step by step in 2023



Hello, Are you looking for creativity, working with passion, and delivering on time?

You are perfectly positioned.


My name is Muhammad Ahsan and I have more than 5 years of experience in this field. I provide a professional, reliable, and affordable service


I can do professional video editing and podcast editing, short clips, music videos, promotions, commercials, Green Screen, cooking videos, etc.


Basically, I have a team that includes:


1. Video editor ( Edit any type of video)

2. Scriptwriters ( write articles, scripts for ads/Blogs, yt, etc.)

3. Voice-over artist ( we have real men vo and AI men and women voices)

4. Graphics designers ( for logo, banner, thumbnail, etc.)

5.    Managers ( Youtube, facebook, Insta, Tiktok )


We also do cash cow videos, full automation, and any type of pro video editing. so if there is any question then do not hesitate to contact me.


Thank you





Note: Don’t add your custom information or any links. Please add only those links which are approved from the Fiverr list.


Milestone workflow: This is the new tab invented by Fiverr. You can make your milestone of how much you will earn within a week or month.


How to make Fiverr gig step by step in 2023

Fiverr FAQ: You have to add questions and answers related to your gigs, this will help clients to select your gig to place the order. This area will clear all questions of the client,

For example:

Can I get extra revision for free?

You can add all questions and answers related to your gig.


How to make Fiverr gig step by step in 2023


Step 4:

Fiverr gig Requirement: In this step, you will ask the click to deliver all necessary details related to the order details. You can also add custom questions at the end and then click save and continue.


How to make Fiverr gig step by step in 2023


How to make Fiverr gig step by step in 2023

Step 5:

Fiverr gig Gallery: You can upload images, videos, audio, and pdf in your Fiverr gig allergy while making a gig on Fiverr in 2023.


Note: You upload 5GB of data in total and you should keep in mind that high quality brings success.


How to make Fiverr gig step by step in 2023

Images: You can upload 3 images per gig with the following ratios


How to make Fiverr gig step by step in 2023

Video: Video can make your Fiverr profile more attractive and clients love to watch videos. You can upload only 1 video per gig with the following details


How to make Fiverr gig step by step in 2023

Documents: You can also add documents as a PDF file for your clients with the following details


How to make Fiverr gig step by step in 2023

Complete all 1 to 5 steps and then Click save and continue.

Note13 High Demand Low Competition Fiverr Gigs in 2023  

Step 6:

This is the last step where you will publish your gig.

·        Click publish gig

·        Copy the link and permute it on social media

·        Click did to publish


Note: If your gig contains a video file then it will take a few minutes to show your video on your gig.



If you want to edit your gig then you can go to the gigs tab click on edit make a change and save it.


My personal suggestion: Don’t edit your gig because when we create our gig it will create a URL that will not change after editing the title again and again.


How to make Fiverr gig step by step in 2023


Some hidden secrets

While creating your gig please also visit some top-rated and level 2 profiles related to your skills, you will get a good idea about titles and tags.

·        To check tags also visit some top profiles.

·        Don’t use third-party apps or extensions

·        Kepp you Fiverr account 24/7 active to get orders

·        Instant reply to clients is very important.

·        Crate maximum gigs which are allowed seller category-wise.

·       Make social media platforms and only share profiles with only serious people.


If you have any questions you can ask me on my personal Instagram id @iamahsan116 I hope you have learned how to make Fiverr gig step by step in 2023.

Thank you



  • Is it free to join Fiverr?

Yes, Fiverr is free to join and work. It will charge only .2 percent of your orders. For example, if you earn 100$ from an order then Fiverr will cut 20$ its fees and pay 80$.


  • Can I create a Fiverr gig on mobile in 2023?

You can create a gig on mobile in any browser but it will be difficult to make. It is recommended to use a desktop.


  • How much is Fiverr monthly traffic?

Fiverr's monthly traffic is approx 79M



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