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How to get Instagram followers fast?

How to get Instagram followers fast?

How to get Instagram followers fast?

Before we begin on the Instagram followers hack, let’s ask ourselves what is Instagram? Instagram is a free photo and video-sharing app that is available on iPhones and Androids as well. Here users can edit photos and short videos, add captions to each and use hashtags and location-based geotags to post them just like posting photos on Facebook! These posts can be viewed by the public by using those hashtags or geo-tags or the followers of that certain profile.


Grow Instagram followers

When we join Instagram the first thing we want is to build our profile or brand (if it’s business). I wondered how I would get more followers on my Photography profile because I spend hours planning and creating content for Instagram and once I clicked share, I had a sort of radio silence with few followers and little to no likes plus comments….


That’s when I started going through a bit of research of my own, on how I can get more followers on Instagram? Of course the real ones, the ones looking for your content to find you – we will call them your audience! I found out that there really isn’t a step-by-step guide for Instagram growth but just a few good practices that may help you grow.


Boost Instagram followers

I took out that the majority of people resort to buying followers, which is not a great move. Paid followers don’t serve much like the followers you gain over time organically! This is sometimes a time-consuming effort but since you are taking your time out to read what I have to say, I know you will gain followers quicker and easier!


I found out that around 80-90% of Instagram accounts follow a Business account on the platform. Businesses are continually growing on Instagram with more than 200 Million Business accounts available on Instagram. So the Instagram audience can actually become your target market, especially if your brand is something the audience wants, such as a trend!


But hey let me be very honest unless or until you are very famous it becomes extremely difficult to amass a huge following without hard work, but luckily there are a few things you can do right! Say this is smart work that will allow you to gain Instagram’s followers

AMEND AND IMPROVE YOUR BIO - how to gain followers on Instagram fast

So basically your Instagram Bio should be able to tell who you are and what you’re all about, plus if it’s a brand or a business you need to have something like a ‘call to action on your bio such as your shop, read more and contact us, etc. A standard website link or get a link-in-bio tool that could be used as a single link to catalog many links. I would consider including a branded hashtag as well


Create branded hashtags as well – such as #ShakeACoke for Coca-Cola! Adding the branded hashtag to your bio tells people which hashtag to include to catch the attention of the public plus when someone taps the hashtag, they will end up seeing posts from people who used it. In other words, you can get insights like this on who your audience is


WHAT IS THE BEST TIME TO POST? - Instagram followers increase

There is no universal answer when the best time is to post this is where a little bit of your time is needed for a little research. We need to have an Instagram business profile for this because we will require the “Insights” feature for this - we have to scroll to “Your Audience” under this feature and then tap “See All” to see when the Audience was active! This will tell you when the best time is for your content.

Then again if we take the example of a step-by-step recipe video which will be seen outside of work hours because that’s when people will actually watch it to cook. I would suggest you experiment with different posting times and track your engagement!


CONTENT UNIQUENESS - Instagram followers hack 50k free

Ask yourself what you want your Instagram page to be? Funny? Informative? Playful? Express yourself what you’re passionate about and what topics would you address with your Instagram content. Share your brand’s personality and beliefs using your profile think of it like a person. This will reflect your Brands color, style, and tone. Knowing who or what this person is, will definitely allow you to understand what needs to be posted.


CAPTIONS SHOULD BE GREAT - how to gain followers on Instagram fast

Attention-grabbing content means a nice photo and a great caption that would keep your audience since it provides more context or details about your content. Some posts require no captions and some require a long detail.

Since there are no hard and fast rules you can mix them up with different content types, some being short captions and some being long with explanations. I generally don’t want too much to write, so I keep it short and precise but there are times when I do type longer captions and yes that generally does capture the attention of the audience

CONSISTENCY IS KEY - Instagram followers hack 50k free

Although I would suggest quality over quantity so posting quality content would out-weight the number of content but let’s say consistency is a key element to getting your posts seen. If your posts are shared regularly it will get you good engagement because Instagram’s algorithm will likely post near the top of your follower's feeds.

Posting more often doesn’t necessarily mean a higher engagement rate so focus on creating content that will inspire your audience to grab their attention. Try some free scheduling tools to allow you to post consistently – remember posting too often and posting consistently are two different things!


LEARN HOW THE ALGORITHM WORKS - how to gain followers on Instagram fast

The factors that play a part in showing up in each person’s timeline is

Ø Interest: Personal interests of the person who will like the post

Ø Timelines: How recent the post is

Ø Relationship: Accounts a person engages with

Ø Frequency: When the person uses Instagram

Ø Following: Posts from the accounts followed

Ø Usage: How much Instagram someone uses


WHAT TYPE OF CONTENT TYPE WORKS - how to gain followers on Instagram fast

How to get Instagram followers fast?

Mix and match with different content types because that helps gain more followers. We can say each type of content has its advantages such as Instagram Reels which have an edge because they are the newest content type. But someone who interacts more with carousel posts they’ll see more carousel posts in their timelines.


So we have Reels, Photos, and Videos along with Instagram TV (IGTV) – which is good for videos of 60 minutes. Around 55-60% of brands believe that stories are effective social media strategies!

I generally see that Reels are getting far more attention so say for someone like me a video that goes like “The photo and the photographer” Reel would be an attention grabber!


RESEARCH, ENGAGE, COLLABORATE AND ANALYZE - Instagram followers hack 50k free

HASHTAGS: Know what the right hashtags are, since the right hashtags expose your audience so this means you have to research and find those for your audience. Hashtags are a necessity for your content to be discoverable!

GROWTH: Engagement is pivotal for Instagram growth and this means you need to engage with your potential followers aka your audience. If you can interact with a potential follower, there’s every chance they will follow back and when you gain a follower you are growing!


CAMPAIGN: Partnerships or influencer campaigns, by collaborating you have a chance to gain followers. This is a way you are marketing your profile and gaining the potential followers you desired with influencers or partners that would complement your brand

LINK: Make it easy for your audience to find your Instagram, so add your account link to your Email footers, website, and Bios on other social media, and on social media posts.

EXAMINE: See what your followers respond to by monitoring Instagram metrics through Insights on Instagram. Not the likes and comments but rather if you are testing new hashtags or different posting times to see how they perform because this will definitely help you with when and what to post.

So whether you are an influencer or a photographer like me or just a social media user let me tell you Instagram is a great place to be especially for those trying to create a brand or have themselves heard using their ideas or work of art! I know managing Instagram is definitely a task but if you have gone through my blog post, I am hopeful that you may have ticked all the boxes to grow on Instagram. With my tactics, you will be staying on top of your social media content strategy!

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